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Summit Coaching & Training offers online Ultramarathon Training & Coaching and Mindset Coaching to clients across Edmonton, Alberta, and Western Canada.

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Take your running to new heights. Follow a customized aerobic and resistance training plan, designed specifically for you and your goal event. Learn body management techniques to prevent injuries and keep yourself in top form.

Mindset Coaching Service at SUMMIT Coaching & Training

Mindset Coaching

Goals. Challenges. Willpower, perseverance, drive, purpose, resolve. Learn the strategies and develop the mental strength that will help you achieve your goals and navigate your challenges, whether on the trail or in your everyday life.

Unlock Your Physical Abilities

You can do more than you think you can. Borrow my confidence as you discover how to take off your own glass ceiling and find out what you’re truly capable of.

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“In 2016 I had a goal. I wanted to become an ultramarathon runner. I enjoyed running but my body would not let me get to the distances that I wanted. I asked Brenda to make me a training program to help me to achieve that goal. My first race was the Deadmonton 6 hour Ultra. My low goal for this race was 40 km and my high goal was 50 km in the six hour stretch. When I started the race, I quickly realized that all that training was paying off! I blew past my high goal and ran 54 km in 6 hours and actually WON THE RACE!! This gave me hope for my big goal… the Canadian Death Race!

I continued to follow Brenda’s training program for the next few months and continued to get stronger and faster! I showed up for the Canadian Death Race very nervous. I had never come close to running 118 kms, but once I started running, I realized again that the training was paying off! Not only did I finish the race, but I was in an elite group as only 18% of racers had crossed the finish line! This inspired me to go farther!

I asked Brenda to make me another training program as I wanted to push myself even more. I wanted to try 100 miles! I signed up for Sinister 7 100 miler and began my training. Now this race tested every limitation that I had. Not only was it an insane distance over very tough terrain, but it reached 42o C! Luckily, heat training was a part of Brenda’s program for me and I actually finished the race! And in very elite company as only 14% of racers crossed the finish line! This is a moment of joy that I will NEVER forget!

If it hadn’t been for Brenda, her support, and her training programs I would not have been able to cross those three finish lines. I would not have been able to push myself to limits that I never thought possible, and I would not have experienced the sheer joy of actually achieving my goals! I am looking forward to our next adventure training for another 100 mile race in Utah this year!”

Shaun P.


“I started training with Brenda as part of her practicum for the NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer program in early 2017 and continued with her after. Her strength and aerobic programs both helped me to complete the 50 km Summer RVR in my goal time with a minimum of actual running miles in. She prepped me for Golden Ultra in September 2018 – while I did not finish it was not a lack of training, rather a twist to my back that put me out halfway through. I have remained major injury free and have only had a few minor tweaks all of which have been recovered from quickly. I credit her approach to strength with low mileage to aiding me in being a better runner. Brenda’s experience as an ultrarunner further compliments her training style and aids her in developing programs that will work for the aspiring ultrarunner.”

Faye L.


“To support my interest of long-distance running, I needed help getting stronger. I was running farther and farther, and I needed assistance understanding the fundamentals of strength training and how it relates to endurance.

Brenda was my choice as a trainer because she is an endurance athlete herself, and knows what a body needs to carry itself as far as possible with the least damage. Brenda has extensive training and maintains a dedication to lifelong learning and development. Because of her background in the sciences, she is very detailed and creates mind-boggling intricate spreadsheets that plan short and long-term progress. She explained the science to me in a way that I could readily understand by simplifying everything into easily consumable parts without the jargon. I enjoyed that I could joke and have fun while training, as well as complain and still get things done. There were also chances to train in a tough yet enjoyable environment with other runners.

I accomplished the objectives that I thought were unreachable. My physical stability increased, my strength rose significantly (I could deadlift my own weight), and my ability to establish a connection between my head and my extremities (enhanced proprioception) improved. My goals changed as a result of injuries, so Brenda adjusted my training schedule to meet my needs as I continued to build and heal safely.
Every day I miss working out with Brenda. I’ve never felt more capable of becoming the best version of myself, either intellectually or physically. Without a doubt, I would recommend Brenda to others. Anyone who is healing from injuries or aspires to be strong enough to fend off bears in the forest should definitely contact her. I would also recommend her to anyone who needs to comprehend movement mechanics or who struggles with proprioception.

Thank you, Brenda, for working with me to help me achieve my goals and create new ones. I truly appreciate everything about you and admire you endlessly.”

Angela W.


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Brenda as my coach for almost five years. When we started working together, I was on the verge of giving up on competitive running after 40 years. Various injuries and seemingly constant pain had left me disengaged from the sport I once loved—maybe, I thought, I was just too old for this stuff. Working with Brenda has been transformative. Since that time, her consistent, personalized strength and aerobic training programs have guided me in building durability and rediscovering my passion for running.

Brenda’s experiences in running and in life have given her hard-won insight into the challenges of running ultramarathons. She transfers that knowledge to her coaching, teaching fitness for life, not just success for a single race or single season. Her approach is holistic and personalized, based on science but considering all the stresses and circumstances of everyday life.

A huge milestone in our journey was when Brenda led my crew and pacing team at the Divide 200 in 2023. Her leadership—and the trust we’ve built over the years—allowed me to focus solely on running in the mountains for four days. I am now energized, pain free, and eager for the season ahead, looking forward to running trails, roads, marathons, and ultramarathons for years to come.

I highly recommend Brenda to anyone looking to enhance their running performance and build a sustainable fitness routine for a lifetime.”

Matt P.


“Working with Brenda has had a huge impact on my journey as a trail runner. As someone who typically runs at the back of the pack, aiming for my first 50 km trail race seemed like a distant dream. However, Brenda’s personalized coaching approach and extensive firsthand experience in the field made all the difference. Thanks to her guidance, I’ve not only conquered my first 50 km, but have surpassed my own expectations by completing multiple races I once deemed impossible.

Her deep understanding of the body’s mechanics is nothing short of astounding. Brenda has an ability to analyze movement patterns, pinpoint areas for improvement, and tailor programs to suit individual goals and fitness levels. What sets her apart is her commitment to addressing each athlete’s unique strengths and weaknesses, ensuring a tailored approach that maximizes results. Drawing from her own adventures in ultra racing, Brenda shares invaluable insights into injury prevention, recovery strategies, and race day preparations that enable success.

Through working with Brenda, I’ve experienced a transformation in both my physical and mental resilience on the trails. She has instilled in me strength and confidence, empowering me to set big goals and aim for success with every stride. Brenda is an amazing coach who not only elevates athletic performance, but also nurtures a deeper passion for the sport. I am grateful for her coaching, encouragement, and support.”

Lorissa I.


“During a time in my life when I was feeling lost and stagnant, I needed to do something, something extraordinary. For me that thing was ultra running. It was something that I had seen other people in my life do. It was impossible yet possible. I had a consultation with Brenda and the rest was history. From the consultation and through training I became aware of my mindset that created barriers for myself. These barriers were of no benefit to me. My mind was working against me. I struggled like anyone would. What gave me the added little push that made all the difference was Brenda. Her reputation and her story of overcoming adversity to achieve her own fitness goals was monumental in my training. I completed two 50 km ultra runs. Sometimes its just a person that wants you to succeed when you yourself don’t think you can that makes all the difference.

I had setbacks in the form of stress fractures as well as standard ones like diet, motivation, consistency, and training when I didn’t feel like it. All of this was overcome by having patience, being comfortable being uncomfortable, consistency, having faith in the process and having Brenda in my corner wanting me to succeed. Her wealth of knowledge on mindsets, goal setting, routines, stress and gratitude gave me the edge I needed to do the hard work that was required to reach my fitness goals. Her energy and mental strength are infectious. I would recommend her a thousand times over to anyone that wants to make a permanent change in their life and make the impossible become possible.”

Petersenn K.

“I contacted Brenda because I decided to run the Grizzly Ultra 50 km. At the time I was doing a bit of trail running, coming off an injury, and wasn’t seeing results on my own. I searched running coaches and she came up first. I made a few calls but the other coaches seemed like “gym bro’s”. I went back to Brenda, had a conversation, and decided to go for it.

I enjoy her no BS and no sugar-coating approach. The first thing she taught me was patience and that everything takes time! Later that year she worked with me to overhaul my program because I took a new job that is very physical. Despite that, I not only crushed my goal of running the Grizzly Ultra, I nailed it to the wall finishing 19/40 in my age group!

The next winter I decided to start weight training, which was something I was not confident with. I can’t express how much I HATED the gym. I didn’t want to be within a 10 mile radius of one! Now I can’t go a day without it and I have one in my own home. Brenda has changed my mindset to believe I can do really hard things with hard work and some faith in myself. And if I don’t succeed that’s ok, because I gave it my all.

My experience with Brenda has been nothing short of amazing. I use the skills she taught me over the past two years in my everyday life. She has helped me become more aware of myself and given me confidence I have never had. I truly feel unstoppable. My advice / recommendation for anyone that is interested in working with Brenda is that she WILL give you confidence to achieve your goals if you lack it. Any runner that wants to succeed in their next race need look no further than here.”

Jeff T.

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